Orion Series Book #4 Deep Indigo

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He's famed for his icy control…until he meets the one woman who can send him up in flames.

When a talented young intuit gets her chance to intern with an Indigon famed for his powers, neither of them are ready for what happens when they meld their minds…and their bodies.

Commander Daron Navos is renowned, even in a galaxy full of the extraordinary. As a powerful member of the Indigon race, he can control the mind of any being. He lives a life of icy control, locking away his dark, sexual cravings and using his energy to train other Indigons to live lives of integrity. Until he meets the one woman who can tempt him to loose his powers…for seduction.

Nelah Cobalt has crushed on Navos from afar for years. But now she's a woman who has come into her own Indigon powers. She seizes the chance to intern with him aboard the Orion, eager to learn all he cares to teach her–whether about work or play. When they come together, the entire ship enjoys the psychic explosion of passion!

Except that someone is bent on destroying Navos and the Orion… and they'll use anyone to do it, including Nelah. Together, are they strong enough to stand together in defense of their ship, and their hearts?

Don't miss the sexy, thrilling conclusion to The Orion Series–get your copy of DEEP INDIGO today!

"Love how Cade creates arrogant planetary creatures, and then brings them to their knees through the oldest force in the universe ... love." 5 stars, Love 2 Read "Incredible book--best of the series! Author just got better and better with world building and characters. Cannot wait for more from this author!" 5 stars, Stephanie, Samhain Reader Review "Sizzling hot sexual relationship filled with turmoil and danger, action-packed from beginning to end. Wrap-up of a well plotted story arc. Might actually be the best yet." 4 Nymphs on Literary Nymphs Book Description
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April 11, 2017

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